Magic Game

#ViKartel at the Orlando Magic game 

     “The Orlando Magic triumphed over the Pelicans almost like the concession stands did its customers that night. Being that this was the second win since their infamous loosing streak making victory that much sweeter. Even though the food and drinks were high priced like any other stadium would be, the food was extremely worth it. From the steak and cheese sub, to the chicken fingers basket with fries, you can believe you get your money’s worth. Budweiser and other beer products are filled to the brim, giving you satisfaction in knowing that it might be a while before you return to the bar for another. Police are on patrol. No negative experiences happened that night but in my opinion I feel their presence in the numbers that they traveled in, can prove intimidating to fans just trying to relax and enjoy the experience. Other than that I would say it’s well worth trip to an Orlando Magic game soon with the prices at the economical rate that they are.”


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